Barbarian Locked out of Aksha Fight - 3 times in a row so far.

Poll: If you have a party with a Barbarian, has this happened to you?
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1 year ago (edited)

Game Version: 1.3.47 Public
In the Bone Castle I shoot out the windows and move the entire party into the room with the group move function. The last two times my Barbarian was in the front row (actually inside the room) before the cut scene with Aksha was triggered. I've failed the persuasion roll twice and an intimidate roll once. Each time my barbarian got forced out the door and could not join the battle, There's no roll, no contest of any sort - the door just slams and she's on the other side of it.
I can get you different screen shots, if that is helpful. I have a manual save that I can load that is just before the cut scene is triggered.
I'd be cool with this if she were just able to shove on the door or attack, it in order to join the fight late, but she can't.