Barbarian In Empress Garb

Level 3
10 months ago (edited)

Barb in empress garb

So, is the barbarian unarmored defence trait supposed to work with empress garb? Cause it wouldn't be that hard getting AC to 25 without a shield and before other magic items if you spent enough time rolling in the beginning.

10 months ago

As per P&P rules it shouldn't, but I wouldn't surprised if it did.

Note that the 5e barbarian is designed on the basis of standard array/point buy. If you cheat all your stats to 18s it breaks.

Level 14
10 months ago

This is probably an oversight that comes from the Garb being counted as clothing so characters without armor proficiency can wear it, which is part of the lore of the item. Since the item was designed before Unarmored Defense was programmed, it might've been overlooked that Garb should probably disable Unarmored Defense. Kinda like how Sorcerers couldn't use a certain wizard staff until they patched it.

You should report it and send TA a copy of the save file so they can look at it.

Typos happen. More so on the phone.

3 months ago

I would be happy staying in the Barb clothes, if only I could trade out those greasy potato-sack pants for a good old fashioned fur diaper like Conan wears.