Banishment spell doesn't permanently banish

7 months ago

The description of _Banishment_ says if it remains unbroken for the entire duration against an extraplanar enemy, that target will be permanently banished. I did not observe that happen against an Air Elemental.

Level 2
7 months ago

Same thing just happened to me with a Fire Elemental

7 months ago

Yup I've had the same issue a few times for different elemental types

Level 3
7 months ago

Same here. I also observed that a banished elemental could still establish line of sight and prevented my rogue from hiding.

Level 7
7 months ago

And you're not losing concentration?

Level 8
7 months ago

That's odd, I only used it once in my last playthrough but it functioned perfectly.  I think it was an Earth Elemental.

Level 4
7 months ago (edited)

I've only tried it once (out of curiosity since I saw this thread... generally faster to just drop concentration and kill a single enemy than mash the enter key 100 times) and it seemed to work:

Banishment drops on round 11, and combat is over.

So... there must be more to this bug, unless it's been fixed?

The LOS thing is an issue though, I was still getting sight lines drawn to the elemental while it was banished. Probably best to remove the token completely unless planar combat is in the pipeline... that seems like overkill though.

Level 1
7 months ago (edited)

Banish does it's part and permanently banishes when spell duration (naturally ends, not interrupted or cancelled) but there's a bug, it makes you victory/start battle/victory/start battle against same creature until spell ends, then it banishes.
I was able to confirm that at the end of the spell's duration, the elemental was banished for good.