Bane spell bug

4 months ago

Release version of the game +first hotfix. Bane spell adds +1d4 to all saving throws except for the Con save for wich it adds +1d20. It works the same in main campaign, user modules, and self made modules. It applies both to spells and scrolls. Other buff or debuffs doesnt seem to affect that.

I've found a thread 4 months old but no replies to it, it's a pity devs didn't address the issue for almost half a year(

Level 4
4 months ago

Do you mean -1d4/-1d20, or do you mean Bless?

3 months ago

Just registered to confirm the bug. All saving throws for enemies receive a buff, instead of a debuff from bane spell. Makes the spell not just useless, but detrimental to the player. The value added is also included in the static modifier, instead of the roll value for a d4 die, which is further confusing.