Background Quests

Level 9
1 week ago

"we're looking forward to your feedback on these newly added background quests."

Academic (Tower run) This quest was fun, but I would recommend two casters in the battle or more minions to make it more difficult. Rating: 7

Acolyte (Graveyard run) I would recommend increasing the difficulty again. Perhaps, do it as an option to be harder, by making it 3x the mobs if you do the quest at night.  Rating: 5

Lawkeeper (The one where you settle the family inheritance issue) This was the most interesting quest by far, but it would have been better if the betrayer was a real threat (sorry, difficulty was a bit off again).  Rating: 9

Overall, they were all fun and I recognize difficulty can be handled by the settings/sliders. 

5 days ago

Yeah, I agree. I think the Background quests are a bit to easy. and I would also add that they are all happening at the same time. I don't know if it will change, but I think it would be better if they were more scattered through the game than beeing all at the end of early access