Auto-Save Crashing the game in Multi-player

9 months ago

Game version is 1.3.44

Auto-saves are causing the game to freeze/lockup in multiplayer and dropping me from the game as host. There is no error message that I've been able to see. Just the game locks up and windows will ask me to kill it. It has happened on every map I've played on which is the Crown of the Magister campaign for before hitting level 3 fresh starts that have been started in MP 3 separate campaigns/runs. This isn't happening to the player not hosting. 

I'm looking for some input on where to start looking for what could be causing this or anything cause it's frustrating to deal with and it's intermittent as hell; I'll be fine for an hour then this will happen, then I'll load it back up from most recent auto-save then it'll happen again in 10 minutes.