Auto-casting of food spells and control of number of crafting items in the world map

Level 10
6 months ago

1) Auto-casting option of Good Berry and Create Food spell after long rest in the world map.  

In the world map movement and the world map long rest, we cannot perform these spells, and sometimes it is a bit bothering due to lack of food. 

Would it be possible to introduce a turn on/off option or check box for the auto-cast of Good Berry and/or Create Food spell every morning after long rest? Turn on/off option or check box option when initiating the world map movement to turn on/off auto casting of good berry, and user-input maximum number of foods in all member's inventories. 

These spells should be limited by the number of possible spell casting, so make a pop-up warning message, turning this option will consume your possible spell cast number, so that players are clearly acknowledged.  


2) N number of crafting items.  

It would be great if there is an additional option to set N number of crafting items. Craft 3 healing potions for 24 hours, for example. There should be a drop-down menu or user type-in box to set the number of crafting items.