Aura of Protection - is not removing itself

2 years ago (edited)

Version: 0.4.21

Entering the Kythaela family vault.

I was in the jail with Kythaela, and at some point Aura of Protection was cast on my party during the boss fight I think.

From then on, throughout the play through to the end of EA. I get a message dialogue int the upper right corner saying it was dropped.  It is not.  So it just keeps repeating.  

If I view it I see Aura of Protection {0}

At this point of time I had a file bug.  if I tried to load a saved game I got a corrupted file message.  

I had to go back about 6 saves and I was then able to reload and play on to the end.

I do not know if these events are related.

Thanks for listening

Level 3
2 years ago
Not sure about the corrupted file thing but it doesn't sound to me like AoP is working differently than expected? It's not a spell --- it's just a passive paladin ability that a creature benefits from whenever they are within two squares of the paladin. So it will go on and off as you move around.