Audio and visual randomly glitching and freezing for a second repeatedly.

11 months ago (edited)

I just bought the game from steam and when I went to fire it up for the first time I noticed every 30 - 60 seconds the audio on the main menu would get stuck so I would just hear mmmmuuuurrrr or what the last note of the music dragged out. I also noticed during that time multiple random large pixels or squares would turn green and occasionally I would see tracers of my mouse pointer places even though I wasn't moving my mouse. Then it would go back to normal and repeat a little while later.

I checked the game files integrity, in installed and re installed but it's still doing it. I decided to just play it anyway and it does it all through the game. In character creation, during dialogue, cut scenes, gameplay, inventory menu's.

I'm running 

windows 10 pro



RX6600 8gb

My GPU and Bios drivers are all up to date. 

I'll try to upload a video later today if I can. 

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11 months ago

Well I've been trying to record it for a few hours now and whenever I'm recording it doesn't happen but as soon as I stop recording and continue playing, sure enough it starts to happen within 60 seconds. Then I start recording again and it doesn't reproduce until I stop recording. Can't really play the whole game recording and deleting the video after that session and playing. Pretty frustrating for a brand new game. Can't even talk to npc without missing part of what they say. Good thing there's subtitles I guess.

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11 months ago

Finally got video with OBS. Radeon ReLive seemed to prevent the problems some how...

Any ways here's a link:

Found a bunch of other bugs too during the recording though.

audio kept freezing and went (mmmuuuurrrrr), pixels disappeared, male voices for female character option 3, clickable objects appear and disappear, the press any button to continue or click doesn't work unless you click, can't move to empty spaces during a fight, light source in hand keeps changing, Cut scenes jump around.

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