Assorted feedback after my playthrough (long)

Level 3
2 years ago (edited)

Overall, I really enjoyed the game. It's definitely on the right track. I have done 1 playthrough so far, I may do a second. If I have more remarks, I will add them to this post one way or another.


  • The tone of conversation is spot on IMO. There is a bit of humor, but not so much to make everything ridiculous. There is some seriousness but not to the point that it turns into a funeral.
  • I really enjoy the system with the traits and how it influences conversations. 
  • The map view has a really nice look & feel to it
  • Some of the faces still look unnatural. These could use a bit more work.


  • As a rule, the UI is well laid out and intuitive.
  • It would be nice if there were shortcuts for the other tabs of inspect character
  • The UI for the party stash is too small - it would be better if the same UI as the shopping window was used for this
  • It would be nice if the the filter you can apply to shops was also available for your inventory (they can get quite full towards the end of a quest)
  • A couple of times during my playthrough, I clicked Action Dash or Disengage instead of Cunning action. This could be due to me being too impatient. There is a way to work around this from a UI perspective though. I can think of 2 things that might improve this:
  • Remove the need to click “Cunning action” before clicking which type of cunning action you wish to do. Instead have a banner over these actions permanently
  • After clicking “Cunning action”, show a bar with only the cunning actions but not any of the standard actions


  • It would be nice to be able to skip the tutorial
  • As an experienced tabletop D&D player, most of the stuff was very logical to me
  • I accidentally sold a magical item at some point. While I think it is very fitting for a D&D game that magical items do not have a big red flag attached, there should probably be a tutorial on the significance of Detect Magic and Identify.
  • There should be some guidance as to the usefulness of Ranger favored enemies and favored terrain (frequency, difficulty).

Character creation

  • The game desperately needs more class options. Since there is not a lot of choice involved in the story (which is fine), the main replay value will come from trying different classes. 
  • The next class scheduled is the Sorcerer. This is unfortunate, since the sorcerer is very similar to a wizard. It might have been better if the next class was one that is a little more different from what we have, like a Warlock or Bard.
  • There is currently no (sub-) race which has a bonus to STR (excluding humans/half-elves), this seems like a weird omission
  • Snow Dwarves and Marsh Halflings seem a bit redundant, which is unfortunate given how few race options we have
  • The alternatives for Ranger subclasses seem very lackluster. If you consider that Hunter can essentially get you +1D8 damage per round, the alternatives seem underwhelming given how conditional they are.
  • I really enjoyed the Darkweaver Rogue subclass - finding the high ground was a fun in-combat mini game.
  • I played a party with 4 spies, having stealth on all your characters (and starting every combat with a surprise round) felt very strong.
  • Is there an application for the Animal Handling skill? I found none within the game.


  • It’s nice to see that the rewards from bosses come from a chest instead of loot. This makes it equally rewarding if you skip a confrontation during dialogue
  • On the whole, there should be more side quests.
  • While travelling and using the spell Goodberry, my party stashed up on a lot of rations, causing my characters to be encumbered. Maybe it should be possible to set a limit of how many rations you want to pick up?
  • It would be useful if you could attune to a magical item during a long rest
  • During conversation, different options (persuade/intimidate/...) are always presented by different characters. This makes it unattractive to have a "Face" character. This may be counterintuitive for players experienced with other RPGs. I don't think its bad per se, but maybe it's not communicated well enough. It's also unclear if some of these options are linked to personality traits. If so, that should be clarified, too.

Crafting & Reputation

  • In general, I like how the crafting system is grind-less. You just find ingredients as you play, with some being common and some being rare. There is no need to go click on every bush in every area.
  • It took me a very long time to realize the Manacalon Rosary was being sold at the General Store. It would make more sense to have this sold at the Magic and Curiosities.
  • The Antiquarians and the Arcaneum seem to have better rewards for now. It would be better if this was better split up so it feels you are actually making a choice.
  • It would be nice having the reputations being more impactful, maybe some sidequests or other perks while in the city.

D&D Rules

  • Spiritual Weapon should be able to attack on the turn you cast the spell
  • Equipping a shield takes an action - switching weapons to a configuration with a shield should take an action in theory (maybe make this an option, similar to how spell components work)
  • Rangers should be able to swap 1 spell on level up
  • There is no studded leather in game (this could be a conscious choice to reduce the power of dexterity builds though)


  • Some combats start after a conversation. If your entire party was in cautious mode before the conversation, you still get a surprise round.
  • The conversation to end quest “Angbi’s Bones” triggers, but the quest is not actually ended (and the quest items remain in your inventory).
  • Inspecting the statue in the Wizard Tower shows a placeholder 
  • After succeeding the Arcana check to inspect the magical wall in the Wizard Tower, you the character says it is beyond his knowledge.

Wishful thinking

  • It would be really nice if there was an introduction quest for each background, similar to what existed in Dragon Age: Origins
  • The map could have random locations, with some encounters, side quests and/or rare crafting materials.
  • Sometimes, you will get a skill/tool proficiency from more than one source. E.g. A Cleric with Lawkeeper background and Law domain gets the intimidation skill from both. It would be nice if we got a skill "reimbursed" for that.

Level 14
2 years ago

yep the animal handling needs some love, when ever the party comes across animal the choices are A] attack or B] attack.  i felt really bad about the tutorial given i was forced to kill starving wolves, if the whole point of the tutorial is to learn about disengage why not let dropping off food and disengaging be the training?   

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