Assorted Bugs

Level 10
2 years ago
  • Rogue tutorial makes no sense with no rogue: Your non-rogue character will have to disarm traps, use Thieves' Tools that they should not be able to use, and the game tells you to perform a sneak attack. This will only confuse players who afterwards won't be able to use Thieves' Tools.
  • Caer Lem: If you don't kill Daliat and talk to Beryl afterwards in Caer Cyflen, she will say that Daliat went to the Tower of Magic. But your journal will mention that you killed Daliat. In my case, I had a character with the Spy background and they just exchanged banter about the Whisperers. After the Sorak attack, someone says that Daliat has disappeared and that's all.
  • Game freezes after killing an enemy: After killing an enemy, the game will sometimes freeze for 1-2 seconds. The corpse will flop to the ground with an empty health bar above it, but you can't do anything. After a few seconds, the corpse despawns and the game continues.

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