Arcane recovery not working to 5e spec

Ian Milligan
Level 5
1 month ago

(Reposting because I put my original thread in the wrong category.)

Observed: A wizard's Arcane Recovery ability does not let you choose what spell slots to recover.

Expected: You should be able to pick slots that total one-half your wizard level.  E.g. A 6th level wizard should be able to pick one of: three 1st-level slots, one 1st- and one 2nd-level slot, or one 3rd-level slot.

Level 10
1 month ago

Agreed, but it might have been by design for simplicity.  The logic sequence of 1/2(level), rounded up, combined with manually selecting the quotient equivalent in singular or multiple spell levels is not my idea of a fun programming exercise :(  I doubt Github has an off-the-shelf solution, but I could be wrong.