[April Contest] Design a Magic Armor!

Tactical Myzzrym
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2 years ago (edited)

Hey there folks,

We're back at it with a new Community Contest - Design a Magic Armor! It wouldn't be fair if we only gave a chance for weapons to shine now, would it? So get your creative juice pumping and your fingers cracking, you have another chance to get your design in-game!

Note: The rewards for the previous contest have been sent! If you can't find your Weaponsmith Trophy in your Profile, please don't hesitate to create a thread on the forum or contact me on Discord.

Contest Rules

  1. Submissions have to be done through the official form: https://forms.gle/pwThRmnHauS3DG6W9
  2. Submissions end on Sunday April 26th, 11:59pm PST
  3. Anyone with a Forum Account may participate in the contest. 
  4. One submission per person.
  5. Discussions & questions about the contest will take place in this thread
  6. Please keep your submission Safe for Work. Nothing 18+ (writing included)
  7. Must not contain copyrighted material
  8. From April 28th to May 4th, the voting phase will take place. We will select a few of our favorite Magic Armor Designs, and the community will vote for the final winner!
  9. The winner will have his Magic Armor implemented in-game and be credited as its designer in the Credits
  10. All of those who wrote a valid submission will also receive a Forum Trophy for their participation to the contest
  11. Necessary disclaimer: We reserve the right to alter submissions or work with their author to fit our design and specifications. You can read the full legal document here (roll Investigation DC15).

Some Selection Criteria:

  1. Design needs to avoid being overly complex. No sentient, morphing or world ending armors please.
  2. Design needs to be SRD 5.1. Please be aware that not everything from the Player Handbook is free to use - Feats and most Archetypes are not valid (Battle Maneuvers are not SRD for instance). Also, none of the material from other books such as (but not limited to) XGtE or SCAG are SRD. 
  3. Content needs to be planned for Solasta. For instance, any design with Warlock spells won't be selected.
  4. Design needs to be balanced for a lvl 1 - 10 adventure. Avoid overpowered armors - and even items for level 10 characters are not encouraged since they will be at the end of the game already.
Kickstarter Backer Armorsmith (Bronze)
2 years ago

Submitted a slightly sappy submission. Don't know how balanced it is, or if it is within the scope of the selection criteria, but creating it helped me deal with the romantic difficulties the current world situation is causing for me.

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2 years ago

Created a fun little thing. We'll see what happens!

2 years ago

Created something I'm fairly proud of. Hope everyone likes it :)

2 years ago

I thought the heros may need ways to surive the wilderness, so a good piece of armour can make life alot easier.

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2 years ago

I will definitely have fun with this one too!

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2 years ago (edited)

Submitted my attempt, fingers crossed ūü§ě. Just a quick question if I need to edit my submission how or can I do it?

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2 years ago

Pretty proud of my idea. Regardless of the voting I‚Äôll be using in my own personal campaign good luck everyone 

Simon Haldon
Level 6
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2 years ago

Submitted something that should be fun for whoever implements the physics engine in game :)

Level 12
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2 years ago

I am too bad at English to correctly describe an object to you. I hope someone closes a fantastic elven half plate for me.

Quoi que tu dises, quoi que tu fasses... I speak bad English... so what?

Level 4
2 years ago

A great idea! I am looking forward to seeing the finalists!

Level 4
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2 years ago (edited)

Submitted my precious little creation :)

Fairly proud of it. I will use it in my own campaign for sure.

Good luck everyone. Cant wait to see the chosen items!

Level 3
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2 years ago

Mission completed!
Whatever the result, I now have a little magic armor of my own, which I will use for my worldbuilding! \o/
Thanks Solasta!

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2 years ago

Oh man, I missed on voting for the magic weapon with everything going on irl, but at least I got to write my submission for this contest, too! (I really like the profile badges we get by participating :P would have been sad to miss out on the armor one)

2 years ago

I don't know how useful my submission would be. It's NPC interaction based. So there's a good chance I wasted my submission, but I enjoyed doing it!

Level 1
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2 years ago

Made a shield instead of armor, I think more characters can have fun with it besides just the big meat walls in front of the party.