Applying poison should be a bonus action

1 year ago

I have an uncountable amount of poison in my inventory.

I never end up using it, as it takes all of your combat action(s) to do so.

My lvl10 2-handed Pally can attack 3 times per turn for 100+ damage with smites.  Yet if I decide to apply basic poison to his axe (+1d4 damage), he has give all of those attacks up, which makes no sense.

Wouldn't it be better to set poison as a bonus action?

P.S. I realize you can apply it before battle starts, but that's not always possible/easy to forget.

Level 8
1 year ago

Applying Poison is a Bonus action for a Thief (Rogue subclass) with the Fast Hands ability.

1 year ago

Ahhhh, ok thx.  Haven't played a Rogue.

That sounds like a pretty powerful ability.