Apostasy Quest not progressing - missing amulet

11 months ago

In the Apostsay quest I opened the chest and got the journal and the box. But apparently I am also supposed to get an "Antique Holy Symbol" which is required for the quest to progress to the next step (return the amulet to the city). However in my case there was no such amulet in the chest, so the quest is stuck at this point.

Level 6
11 months ago

Check your character inventory. I had the Holy Symbol just appear in the inventory of my first character

11 months ago


Most Quest Items will be automatically added to your "Main Character" inventory (the main character being the one at the top in the UI).

If you did not receive the Antique Holy Symbol at all, could you send us a save file, so we can check the issue?

You can find where the save files are located in your computer (and where to send them) by following this link: https://forums.solasta-game.com/forum/important-rolling-bug-report-with-advantage

11 months ago

Ok, I'll send you a file. However I have continued playing quite a while after getting the quest, so I do no longer have a save from when the error occurred. Still, in the save file I'm going to send you, the Apostasy quest still says I should search the ruins, while the chest is already empty, so I guess that should be fine for you to check.