Apostasy quest and other minor bugs on my gameplay

2 years ago

HI, first, love the game, you guys make an amazing game and I just finished and... man, loved it, one of the few rpg and games in general that i know i will play again. 

So, in that particular quest for some reason doesnt triger the dialogue after getting the book of the dude who buried his full family. got all the items but nothing happens, just that one alone. 

other minor bugs I found, in battle, sometimes the enemy attaks delay a few seconds, in my cleric the guardian of faith is grey, can`t cast it, the same with the primed weapons, got a bunch of crafting recipes but rarely got the primed weapons to make them, ---just that

still i loved it. hope you got the chance to expand this universe you created, dlc, classes , races etc. and the map is giant, but i was sad that the northern, south and east were empty of quest, most of it is to the west. regardless. great game, hard fights, cool puzzles, some people critique the animation or cinematics,  I enjoy them a lot, more than some other AAA rpg games,