Apostasy quest

1 year ago

First, thank you for the great game, I'm hooked onto it.

So I picked up the 'Journal of can't remember his name' at the cemetery at the map where you meet Lady Kithaela for the first time sleeping in her mausoleum. As I was leaving the map I realized I have a quest there (the exclamation mark) named 'Apostasy'. I don't remember if I had received a notice or if my character said something related to it, but anyhow it's now somehow in my journal. The journal entry tells me that the 'buildings are probably Tirmarian' and asks me to check the monastery, which I have no idea where. I searched online how this quest progresses and I learned that I have to first bring this journal to a priest at the main town for it to trigger. Somehow, I skipped this part entirely. I revisited the main town with the journal and tried talking to both priests (forgot their names but one of them is priest of Arun) but they just repeat the same dialog and I only get options to purchase stuff from them.

Also someone already posted this but I also have the bug where I can't return the holy axe back to the orcs. The option is simply not there. And [SPOILER] even after the cave had collapsed, I can still see them appearing on my map (M). Is that intended? [/SPOILER]

Level 14
1 year ago (edited)

I had something slightly different:

I got the journal and turned it in, then the quest showed up a bit later (normal progression, I think).

I talked to Dalon Lark, who referred me to the priest of Arun. I talked to him and accepted the quest, but it didn't advance - I am still at the 'talk to the priest of Arun' stage. The quest marker didn't move to the monastery and, just in case, I went there and looked but there were no zombies.

Level 1
1 year ago (edited)

I have an Acolyte in my party but only can turn the journal in for xp as normal, nothing else has happened so far

EDT: retracting that - returned to town next time and got the followup