Apostacy Quest Bug

Level 3
3 months ago

There is a bug that if you found the diary but don't have the medal then the NPC won't recognize the quest section is complete.  I don't remember what happened to the medal, maybe I left it for the scavengers or sold it.  All I have left is the book, so I can't trigger the next section.  At least that is my theory based not the video tutorials of this quest.  It would be nice if the quest turn-in was just the book or it could be reset.  I guess I'll have this quest open until the end of the game since I have no way to delete it or complete it.  If the book IS the only thing you need to activate the next step of the quest I guess this is 2nd bug... or part of the first.  Hopefully, this isn't essential.  It's marked as a secondary quest so it shouldn't be...

3 months ago

Same apostacy quest full bug