any way to skip the tutorial?

3 months ago

Ive been playing a "real" honor mode, i.e. when I die (and I dont allow myself revivify), I start over... no re-loads of any kind.    It makes it more fun for me.   The problem is, I have to do the tutorial every single time.   I've gotten rid of the pop up boxes in the settings, but is there a way to skip it completely?  Is there a mod?

On a related subject, I love this game, but there seems to be a lot of completely useless fluff in the dialogue and cut-scenes.   Everything in Caer Lem seems to go nowhere.   You can fail every single check and still get in.  You are given this mystery of Daliat (I took this seriously!) and eventually find out it goes nowhere.  After you come back and its taken over by scavengers, theres this (vendor?) outside that has his own cutscene but the dialogue choices go nowhere and he sells nothing.  Am I missing something and is there more to this than meets the eye?  

That said, loving it otherwise.    

Level 12
2 months ago

They need to make a change the first time they update, so that you don't have to go through that intro!