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4 months ago

I'm sure there'll be loads of these after the weekend demo, but I thought I'd give my 2 cents.

1 - Loved the atmosphere. Design, lighting, sound, etcetera, was all excellent. 

2 - Camera controls could use some love. I also thought the movement speed was a little too slow, and an option to increase or decrease the movement speed would be great. I know promoting the atmosphere is important, but I found myself having to chase after the characters at times. 

3 - FPS wasn't great, even on the lowest setting. Though it's probably an issue with my laptop being outdated, it's not a bad laptop and can definitely handle lots of things on screen at once and be reasonably graphics intensive. It got to the point where I didn't even risk the stealth option at the orc camp, because odds were I'd get caught anyway given how much I was chugging.

4 - I could see there being an issue with character death if there is no way to replace or revive them. 

5 - The combat is pretty fun! I found it comparatively smooth, and pretty intuitive. It also holds a lot of room for creative expansion should the options become available.

6 - Inventory system was simple and easy to use - everything you need to know, on screen. No alternate tabs or anything like that. Props for that

7 - Characters a great in my opinion, though it'd be cool if they changed over time (in the full release, of course)

All in all, I think the game is going in a great direction. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on its progress, probably will buy on release or preorder if things are going well.

Keep it up!

As an aside, this game could potentially have a great multiplayer aspect - get a set of friends with their own character (or more, to fill out the party) and go traipsing around a randomly generated dungeon for a bit. Could be really good fun, and could really boost the longevity of the game if done right. 

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4 months ago

Thanks! :D