Another demo feedback from an old dnd player and fellow game developer

Level 1
1 month ago

Hi everybody.

First of all let me congratulate you. The game feels like a great rendition of dnd 5e, better than some official games from the past, and that's amazing. Graphics are very good (some animations could be bettrr but it's a pre-alpha so they're still better than expected) and the atmosphere is awesome.

But of course, in the feedback, I'll focus on the problems, because that's more productive^^

1- camera: still needs some work. It's way to slow (and I didn't see a way to make it faster) when panning to see the surroundings, when you orbit around (I used spring) sometimes it gets stuck behind some environment elements abd in general could be smoother.

2- vision and field of view: I understand that you want to convey that in darkness, without a light source, everything is, well, dark. But I think you went a bit too far. This, combined with a very narrow field of view and a kind of cluttered environment makes it hard to navigate around. This was especially bothersome in the second part of the dungeon, after the orcs camp. Even with 2 light spells on, 2 torches and all of the environmental fires lit, it was incredibly difficult to navigate and understand the layout. I understand wanting ti achieve the "you're trapped in the darkness" feel but to me it felt more like an annoyance than a good atmosphere boost. I thimk tha major culprit is the very narrow fov though.

3- stealth: giving the stealth option is very good but I feel it doesn't really work. Of course I compare it to the tabletop, where is very clear (because you can ask the DM) when you're actually hidden and when you arent. In the demo I felt I needed some more info. Most of the time I sent my rogue alone to scout but I couldn't really understand when I was hidden or what the orcs could or couldn't see. I spectacularly failed the stealth approach in the orc camp for this reason, even if I was super careful, and it kind of bothered me because I felt it wasn't completely my fault.

4- clearer modifiers: this is the smallest problem but I would have liked clearer indication, during combat, of my to hit modifiers, spell DC etc... I know that I could just open the character sheet to check them but I feel that a more immediate view (like, for esample, a simple +X next to the mouse indicator before attacking) could make the process smoother.

This were my main gripes with the demo. Still a great demo for a game with great potential, that I'll be following closely!