An Unexpected Gameover

Level 1
9 months ago

Aaaand, I'm done.  Fuck it.  I've put up with enough.  This early, unbaked release has been a slog of unresolved issues and bugs, and that's not even touching on the fact that the entire setup is an admission of incompletion:  A level cap at 12, classes that weren't implemented on release, skills that were labeled useless because their own tooltip said they weren't ready yet.

Just walked into the end of A History of Violence quest. I'll just sort of forget the fact that the dialogue made absolutely no sense, in the interest of preventing spoilers. But after that... nothing. No fight, no further dialogue. Can run around freely, which is very weird. They were very clearly ready to kill me a moment ago. And now I'm trapped.

I'm just doooooone with your early access garbage.

9 months ago

i face the same 2 days ago!