...an old imperial marketplace?

Level 5
4 months ago (edited)

Seems like some interesting places the crew passes along the way to the mission destinations. I just wish some of the 'random' encounters would allow the player to stop and explore a location instead of just a 2 minute battle. And once a random location like 'an old imperial marketplace' pops up, it should become a permanent way point that the player can stop at during his travel, should the player desire. In addition, the idea that the Scavengers meet there; well, the player should encounter Scavengers and perhaps bandits that want to rob them. Otherwise the world feels rather linear in that there is nothing much else besides the scripted scenarios.

Also, considering that there are signs of human habitation (lights on in windows, bundled hay, stacked wood, etc) where are the denizens of said locations where these inhabited buildings are? Even in the major city where the game starts, one can count all the inhabitants with maybe two hands. There is ONE old dwarf who walks around, but aside from him, the town seems near abandoned to have such a tremendous infrastructure. Like that wandering dwarf, there should be many other examples of common passerby literally lining the streets and taverns, shopping in the bazaar, just standing in groups chatting, or working to keep the city and commerce running. Mind, this isn't just a criticism of Solasta, just about every RPG game finds this sort of game 'immersion' difficult to execute. Nearly every single function in a game world seems dedicated only for the purposes of the player and there really is no game 'world' at all. It just destroys the suspension of disbelief, IMHO.

4 months ago


I hope this a thing that gets added later on. I imagine that's gotta be the intent - why even have it happen if you're not going to do something with it later, right?