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Level 4
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2 weeks ago (edited)

First, the game has been incredible to watch develop and I am 100% so happy I backed this project. In fact, my friends have requested that I limit talking about the game to once every half-hour. The guidelines are restrictive, but apparently necessary. I have no major issues with the way the game is developing, how rules are being implemented, or anything of that nature. It has been obvious that not only is the dev team fighting bugs and squashing annoyances, but they play the TT game often. Kudos, etc.

The following is a list of ridiculous visual balance and QoL (selfishly mine) suggestions that I want to share.

* I would like to see another race. That big gray hole in the bottom right of the race screen freaks me out. It could be goblin or al'miraj or whatever. Please, fill the hole, it's distracting.

* I know, and am so completely and impatiently excited, that the sorcerer class will be coming as a free DLC after release. However, that will leave a gray space in the bottom right. I am asking, nay pleading pathetically, for you to add another class at the same time. I would like to suggest any of the following: Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Monk, or Warlock.

While it is incredibly lovely to have a balanced decision screen, I would like to make two suggestions (of course) for additional background to round out the party balance within my own mind.
* Forester: Someone who has more familiarity with the natural world, allowing more outdoorsy type characters. Nature, Animal Handling, Survival, Herbalist Kit and a few ingredients and a recipe for antidote. Altruism, Caution, Pragmatic, Violent
* Artisan: I really love the crafting system you've developed. It has been increasingly important to my party decisions and someone who specializes in these things would be appreciated. Sleight of Hand, Nature, Herbalism Kit, Smith Tools and perhaps an increased ability with foraging in overland for ingredients; Pragmatic, Lawfulness, Kindness, Altruism

The voices are an immersive aspect of the game and I greatly appreciate the time and talent that went into creating this aspect with the different styles of speech. My one, very important, desperately desired request is a third female voice of higher pitch not unlike Voice 3 currently. The female voices 1 & 2 or so similar in timbre and inflection, I find it very difficult to tell the difference between them. So my parties end up being two males (1 & 3), male dwarf (male 2), and either 1 or 2 of the female voices. Please make my dream of an all female party who kick names and take ass a reality.

I think that's it. Yes, it's all in character creation and so far other people have listed in game QoL I would have requested, so good on them. Once again, thank you for continuing to make a wonderful game and rest assured that my friends will not stop hearing about this game until they either buy it and play or cut me out of their lives (but they won't.)


Level 9
2 weeks ago

the thing the bugs me the most might also be the most minor, every time i level up my cleric spell choices are reset and if i don't catch it i'm sitting in battle going WTF were are the spells i picked

yellow flower of courage

Level 4
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2 weeks ago

the thing the bugs me the most might also be the most minor, every time i level up my cleric spell choices are reset and if i don't catch it i'm sitting in battle going WTF were are the spells i picked

I hadn't noticed that one, but I have it set to prepare spells after every long rest and I check the what is prepared. I can, however, completely empathize with the frustration of that one.

1 week ago (edited)

I support plea for addtional race & class.

I would just like to ask in addition: please,do not give us another charisma-based caster. I think that barbarian would work best.

As for the race, either (half)orc or draconian would be great. There is a need for race with Strength bonus other than general human or half-elf. Also, human variant (Solasta version) would be great (and presumably easy to introduce?)

Level 9
1 week ago

Wish lists are helpful... sometimes someone has a few extra hours on a weekend to program :)

For me:

Extra race = Orc (need some ugly to balance out the supermodel elves)

Extra Class = Druid (we have lots of martial types, and multiple magic casters with DLC coming, but could use another faith-based caster option)

Extra Voice = agree on female (can't tell the difference) and male (need something between teenager and grandpa).  My additional idea was to ask the Dev for a narration list of required responses, the file format, and naming convention, so people can make DLC voices available.

Level 9
4 days ago

I'm glad we're getting the Sorcerer as a free DLC after release.  I hope we don't have to wait too long... :)

I would gladly pay 1.99, even 2.99 per race/class if they wanted to add them on as paid DLC's.  I think enough people would pay such a trivial amount that they could easily make money doing that.  If they wanted to do a "character expansion pack" and throw in an extra background with a race and class, that would be awesome!

Barbarian + Half-Orc + "Outcast" background for 3.99.  Take my money, please!

Outcast background - Caution, Pragmatic, Violence, Eogism. You were driven out of society and have been fending for yourself in the wilds. Gain Proficiency in Animal Handling, Nature, Stealth and Herbalism Kit.  You start with no money, but get a Staff, Dagger and 2 potions of healing, plus a recipe for a Potion of Healing.

Druid + Dragonborn + "Child of Magic" background for another 3.99.  Here, allow me to throw cash at you!

Child of Magic background - Egoism, Violence, Kindness, Altruism.  You showed an inherent affinity for magic ever since you were a small child. Gain proficiency with Arcana and Perception.  Start with the Light cantrip and one other arcane cantrip of your choosing (uses highest of INT or CHA).  (Dialog choices reflect that depending on how you were raised, this was either a corrupting influence, or allowed you to stand up for the little guy and help people.)

As cool as Tieflings and Aasimar are, I'm not sure if they'd fit with the Lore of Solasta.  With what they've shown so far regarding Dragons, I'm pretty sure Dragonborn would be able to fit, lore-wise and Orcs are in the game, so presumably Half-Orcs would also be a lore fit.

Monks and Warlocks might not fit into the lore, so those we may never see.  But who knows?

Oh, and Bard.  Would love to have Bards.  Lore-wise they should fit quite easily.  (Possibly more easily than Druids, actually.)