Ambushes during travel

Level 4
2 years ago

Hi guys. I would like to give feedback about the game so far...

Specifically about surprise combats during travel. They seem to be a little excesive. 

I have a dwarf ranger, proficient in perception and survival, WIS 18 and while traveling slowly we get ambushed (surprised) every two or three days tops...

Though the extra exp is welcome and the combats are not particularly dificult it gets boring, specially when you do everything in order to avoid this kind of encounters.. I can not imagine what it could be fog a party of warriors traveling fast...

2 years ago

I just use fast travel and take the extra XP/loot. Especially now that they have the Scavengers guild active, Plus, being lvl 5 makes Aksha fight a whole lot easier, and lvl 6 against Mardracht is especially helpful.

2 years ago

Not sure if they made a change. I just went through 0.4.14b and there was a lot fewer ambushes while travelling. Something I appreciated because I was pretty bored with the same 3 battle maps over and over..It got to the point where I moved to the same places did the same things each time. This playthrough it may have even been on the light side but that's was ok.