Also after one playthrough... finished Baldurs gate 3 early access as well...

Level 1
4 months ago

I'm a long time fan of RPG games and have played most of them. I still pretty much hold everything up to Baldurs gate 2 as the standard, the enhanced edition is great as well.

I just finished the early access game of Solasta, not too shabby at all! Good job crew.

The main things I liked:

Fast travel to places in town or to 'waypoints' was a great idea and well done!

Personally, I like limited carry capacity and appreciate how it was done... Might need some tweaking though as it got laborious when I had lots in my pack... look at baldurs gate two for the gem pouches (which could hold rings and such too) and scroll 'tubes or books' also ingredients should have their own satchel or something. I have a good size screen and it only showed as many slots in one characters inventory at a time... could be better.

There were some other things, but honestly the things that will make me play it a lot are the things that I think should be corrected.

My issues:

1. Baldurs gate 2 had six characters that you could control and ever since games seem to max at four. This is a flaw that will one day get corrected. If they could do it then, it can be done better now. 

2. I chose a party of all 'dark vision' people just to see (literally and figuratively) how it played. The number of times that an enemy was in low or dim light that gave my characters disadvantage was ridiculous. It also had a side impact of not letting me see the beautiful environments if I didn't somehow light it up. The lighting spells didn't seem to work all that great, but perhaps I just didn't play with them enough. I think that dark vision should be much more evident in-game. The fog of war concept perhaps? 

3. I started traveling and realized after I left the town that I didn't have enough food. It forced me to travel anyway since I had left town. Should be an easy way to turn around/go to a different location at any point in travel.

4. combat in turn order gets really repetitive after traveling for a dozen days and fighting three or four random encounters, or even in a 'boss' fight after the bulk of the fight is over and it's 'mop up' time. There should always be a real-time with pause ability, always. 

5. This has almost always been an issue with rpg's. Elder scrolls (morrowind I believe,) had done it the best, open world should mean I can climb up any wall (if my skill is good enough of course.) or fly to any location. I did not use the fly spell as I finished the game minutes after leveling to 5, (it actually caught me off guard and said I was done) Anyway, at each location there were boundaries that didn't need to be there. Water I can't swim through, bushes or trees that I can't go around. Annoying is what that is. If there has to be a boundary (which I'm of the mindset that there shouldn't be one), do it like Fallout 4 where there is an invisible wall or it says that there is nothing out that way. 

6. This needs to be stated again... if a waist height fence keeps me out of... whatever, because the game designers don't want me to go over the fence... I will dislike the game forever... enter in the witcher one and two and loads of other games. So far the verticality of the game seems very good.

7. The 'grid' system is absolutely horrible for every non-combat situation. I don't want to see my characters running around town/forest/whatever in a grid pattern. It seems like it would be easy to eliminate that entirely at the very least in non-combat, or perhaps make the grid one foot squares so that it seems let 'packman' like. 

8. Perhaps it's the rules system here... but if one of my characters blocks half of a ten foot hallway, and there are two enemies in front of him side by side, a third enemy should not be able to move 'through' one of them into the open space one my characters side. The moving through your own teammates square should only be outside of melee or impose disadvantage at the very least for both of mover and his teammate who's square they are moving through.

9. Somebody already said it, but there seems to be like twenty people in the whole city. 

Ok, it's late, I'm tired and hopefully this will help. It seems like a really good game base that could use quite a few tweaks, but great job so far!