Allow us to use old faces?

Level 8
2 years ago

I preferred the faces before the official launch.  Are those still in the code?  Can we have a choice to use them instead?

Oh and congrats! I tried to tell everyone at the BG3 subreddit but my post got deleted . . .  Really hoping this is a big success!

Level 14
2 years ago (edited)

I would like those faces back too. I'm not a huge fan of most of the new human faces in particular.

Edit: I'm also noticing a lot of inconsistecy between how a skin color is displayed from face to face too, which is a bit annoying. Some of the hair colors seem to have changed how they are portrayed too. I could've sworn the lightest blond was lighter than it is now, for example.

Typos happen. More so on the phone.

1 year ago

I also notice they changed all default faces to not be Caucasian. It seems they got all woke and anti white. I will not be supporting any future games from this company unless they stop being political and focus on quality.

Level 13
1 year ago

Agreed, short of retooling/adding to the faces, just adding the old faces would be a good start.

As for the color defaults, no one should care and I'm pretty sure the color/face/hair is random each time you create a new character (which is helpful for new ideas).   

If we are discussing a wish list for character customization, the ideal scenario is a color wheel and saturation slider, for unlimited customization.  Even better, allow for two colors to select your highlight color.