Allow players to choose the personality flags used in dialog

Level 2
4 months ago

I'm making some assumptions on how the dialog system works, but here we go. My understanding is that during conversations, say the party introductions at the tavern between the tutorials, the game automatically chooses a piece of dialog based on the personality traits you selected during character creation. I think it'd be great to give the player some agency in the dialog by letting us choose which personality trait is used to play the dialog. And maybe there's an option to auto-choose for the players less interested in role-playing. 

For example, let's say we have a Paladin who has the Formal, Authority, Lawfulness, Pragmatism personality traits. When it's his turn to speak the game prompts the player to select one of those traits. This would allow us to roleplay using the pre-existing dialog and without having to transcribe all of the lines into text entries.