All the Bugs/Issues I Experienced During My Campaign - 1.0.22

1 year ago

I kept a notepad open while playing Solasta, adding notes of any random issues or bugs I experienced, so I thought I'd add them here now that I finished.

Javelins seem to be stackable when dragged into your main hand, but there is no indiciation of how many javelins are stacked there. I never needed to "reload" my javelins through the campaign after that, so I'm not certain how it works.

You cannot double dash with Action Surge.

Bless does not seem to work. I see no indication that the 1d4 is added.

You can pick the same favored terrain multiple times for Ranger.

Rogues cannot hide while heavily obscured and fog cloud/darkness/stinking cloud does not break line of sight.

When multiple party members have readied actions, only one readied action can go off at a time for every square of movement an enemy makes, based on my observations on how I think it works in game.

The graphical light effect of the Light spell does not go away when the spell ends.

Upon entering The Master's Tower, my Ranger with +2 Arcana was rolling the arcana check for the Defiler instead of my Lore Wizard with +7.

Close Quarters has a spelling typo: "Tiny Smallor Medium"

Creed of Arun is the exact same as Ambidextrous, and the Creed feat for Constitution is missing.

The Green Dragon's roar in the Conjuration palace doesn't have any sound during the cutscene.

Primordial Lava Stones just say "TBC" for description.

Escape the Horde gives opportunity attacks against you disadvantage, but Multiattack Defense simply makes you immune to opportunity attacks in addition to its other benefits. Escape the horde is useless in comparison.

A Rogue doing a ready action to attack while hidden will be revealed before he can make his unseen attack.

No magical crossbows (Uncertain if intentional)

Blindness doesn't require additional saves at end of turn (Uncertain if intentional).