All shops have zero inventory.

Level 3
2 years ago

Just got back to Caer Cyflen after finishing the Gem Quest and all of the shops are completely bare they don't have anything to buy except what I've sold them in the past.  All typical stock is 0.  Kinda sad since I finally only now have all the funds to actually buy stuff haha.  Also curious, is this the end of the available play-through at the moment?  I still have a few side quests that are lingering but appears no way to complete them and there isn't any apparent continuation of the main quest. 

Level 7
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2 years ago

This also happened to me on return from Bone keep.

Miles to go before I sleep

2 years ago

I also had this after returning from bone keep, before the last major encounters (aksha etc). Gorim's armour inventory was grayed out, evne though I had enough gold for everything she displaye. Completing Bone Keep ends the EA so I assume you are meant to go there, do what you have to and then the game will end. So some state issue