All shadows settings are FPS killer in different world places

1 year ago

My PC is more over the recommended setting, getting solid 144 FPS (capped, fullscreen, no V-Sync) and yet I get around 20-24 FPS when I go to Coparann, specifically near/in the tavern thus making the game unplayable.

This problem is present elsewhere, with less impact,  as well: 

- Caer Cyflin (on Ultra/Hight settings, in the main plaza. This is just to point out a minor inconvenience)

- (No spoilers) Near the altar of the "Crown" (got around 30 FPS) 

-In the random encounters stages (got around 56 FPS)

-In different caverns, with specific camera angles, especially near the presence of volumetric lights

I've tried all the quality settings and also put the game to costant 60 FPS (even at 30), with the capping, using the V-Sync and twicking my graphic card settings but to no avail, the problem is still there.

I hope this thread can help to improve this game, so far I'm having so much fun.

Thank you

Level 14
1 year ago

I think you should give at least some information on your hardware, drivers and OS.