All characters are moving thru occupied spaces which is supposed to a halfling trait

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Level 5
1 year ago (edited)

I have 24 hours played in 3 days WTF LOL. Your crew seems to know how to make engaging gameplay so I trust you guys here.

LMAO to players willing to play in complete darkness.That cracked me up.But I wasn't suggesting complete darkness but rather that some rooms are pretty dark and others with no light sources are much brighter and to just equalize this to the darker of the two.

That said,a setting we adjust to make unlit areas as bright or dark as the player wants iIMO is a great choice to have.Again not a brightness setting as that changes dark and light areas but just a setting to control how dark the dark areas are in our own game.

EDIT i just reread your post and you answered better than I thought on first read.You guys are doing a great job so far so carry on..:)

1 year ago

Summary Refresher for Movement Rules, just for clarification:

1.  General Rule -> Characters can move through the space of any Ally and it is treated as difficult terrain (double movement requirement).

2.  General Rule -> Characters cannot move through the space of any enemies.

3.  Specific Rule -> Characters can move through the space of an enemy that is at least two Size Categories larger than the character (So  Medium creature could move through the space of a Huge or larger creature) but it still requires double movement.

4.  Specific Rule ->  The Halfling Nimbleness feature allows a character to move through the space of an enemy that is at least one Size Category larger than the character (so Halflings can move through the space of enemies that are Medium sized or larger...which is most of them).

Level 8
1 year ago

When you have the movement grid up I'd like a clear light indicator on each tile, based on any light you carry with you so it updates as you move yourself (or a dancing lights) around. In the gloomy keep it's really not easy to tell what tile is lit / dim / dark.

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