Alignment and "Evil" options

1 month ago (edited)

I have a question thats rather important for me as a roleplayer.
What I especially enjoy in RPGs is an opportunity to play an evil character, be it an ingenious mastermind that plots and twists others with his lies and intrigues or just a thieving scumbag who s ready to sell a companion for profit (and fun).
Dont get me wrong, irl I'm a pretty decent guy - so I hope at least - but I love choosing path of evil in games. Sadly not every tabletop DM supports such endeavors and "plot rails" are often a thing but in computer games, both old and recent, there's usually at least a certain degree of freedom when it comes to choices of path.
So my question is: how much of a choice will we have in terms of "good" path and "evil" path? Will it have meaningful impact on the whole playthrough or just a line in the end "he still saved the world but nobody really liked him"? Will there even be such a concept or instead a set of complicated controversial choices where the outcome is unclear? How will characters with different alignments interact in a party? Can they fight each other? Can they kill each other?
Basically please tell us more about alignment and alignment based choices in your game and how it will affect characters and the story progression.
I also encourage other players to share their opinions on the matter.

Intelligent Evil

1 month ago

Hey there Naliathas.

No need to justify yourself, there is indeed a certain charm about being able to play the bad guy in RPGs (that "journalist" totally deserved it, eh Shepard?). This is unfortunately a topic I can't answer now, we will reveal that later :)

One thing however, do keep in mind that a healthy dose of "plot rails" is necessary in video games - unlike real DMs, the script can't account for every single possibility on the fly. No, seriously, stop trying to seduce the dragon. WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP THIS.

2 weeks ago

I'll second Naliathas question here: would love to be able to play an evil guy / girl here. 

Can't wait to know more about the incoming revelations.