Akska the Cheating Vampire

Level 1
1 year ago

Hello, just recently finished a fight with Aksha in the Necromancer's keep. Found several issues.

Aksha regenerating at the end of her turn instead of the beginning.

Chill Touch not lasting until the casters turn. Suppose to last one round, but gets removed at the start of the targets turn instead. This is how I found out Aksha was still regenerating health.

Daylight not removing the Darkness spell that Aksha cast which she can do without concentrating on.

1 year ago

Same problem.  Casting light from my scroll does nothing.  She can still cast/maintain darkness and heals constantly.  She also takes no damage from light cast on my shield, nor any damage from light thru the windows.  BROKEN!

Level 14
1 year ago

it was a super easy fight during EA, but i was literally taken of guard when the final version drags the party inside and then closes the door behind them, given how artificial that was i felt a reset at that point was justified.  i then fell back to my usual strategy of casting spirit guardians before the fight and then just dodging and attacking with spirit weapon [note i have 4 clerics] so it is back to easy again even on the hardest settings 

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