AI does not consider spiritual weapon a hazard

Level 6
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2 years ago

Aksha got confused/bugged and just stayed in the lower area and obscured herself.  She never came up the stairs (maybe dancing lights hazard?) but anyway I placed a spritual wepon next to her.

Every round it just hit her (at disadvantage, correctly) but the AI never reacted to it.  She just stood there.  Since she cannot counter attack the spiritual weapon, it should be considered a "hazard," however you implement that.

Level 4
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2 years ago

Ooof! That fight annoyed me. hehe. My issue with her was moving too much, and my spiritual hammer was not really able to do much of anything with her due to the movement.

Game on!

Level 4
2 years ago

Yeah, I just sat and shot her to pieces.  So what if it was at disad due to the darkness, I have 10,000s of arrows thanks to the infinite arrow looting bug.

Level 11
2 years ago

Even without abusing any bug I don't think I ever lacked arrows on any map.