After .14 patch, accessing the map at the monastery (outside) locks the game up

Level 6
2 years ago (edited)

As the subject says.

Edit to add troubleshooting steps taken:

  1. Closed game
  2. Verified files via Steam
  3. Restarted machine
  4. Re-launched game
  5. Issue persists
2 years ago

Same here, this is a new game after the Winter patch.

Level 6
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2 years ago

I could use the map at first, but every time I opened it there were a bunch of artefacts (looked like trees) creeping along it. I turned down my shadow settings to minimum and THEN it froze. 

Level 6
2 years ago

This issue arose for me only after 0.4.14 hotfix; not present during 0.4.13.

Tactical Myzzrym
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2 years ago

Will be hotfixed.