after 10h played I found out I'll never be able to craft

1 year ago

did no one yet realize that the craft is completely blocked if a novice player like me, does not catch "arcana" nor the "proficiency in manacalon" from the beginning??????
this is totally unbalanced, there is no other way to use the dozens of blueprints            

we need a tool or a vendor to use these weapons.

Level 8
1 year ago

Yeah, I get you. I actually brought up needing to make sure they went over all the tool tips and tutorial stuff some four days before release, but even that was apparently too late.

I mean, what happens if you have all three applicable skills on the same character? Does the crafting get even easier or is there no change? 

I've actually gotten to the point that I wonder if having multiple runaway antiquarians is a multiple increase to reputation with that faction. If so, that would pretty much destroy the value of Aristocrat, Philosopher, and Acolyte at minimum in terms of value to the group. Even the loss of the sub-quests wouldn't be all that bad if you got a muilti-character increase to your rep with that group.

Level 14
1 year ago

there are many angles here, the initial concept of SOLASTA was to be 5e true and in 5e crafting plays a very very small role, but TA wanted to make the game as appealing to as many folks as possible so they added the kinds of silly things folks seem to like in other computer games [eg crafting].   as a 5e purest, i think there are too many options for crafting.  so you say there is too little while i say there is too much.  in short there is no way one game will make everyone happy

yellow flower of courage

1 year ago

not all players are hardcore, I imagine that e5 should have its rules and that the development team wants to use the most proximas rules possible, but there are some cases that would not bring problems for anyone, a "respec" for example would be enough to help LARGE part of the players who do not have time to study the background rules and exceptions of each class and subclass.
And anyone who thinks this is lore break, just don't use

Level 1
1 year ago

actually 5E has very limited rules on crafting. Certainly nothing as complex as Solasta. (which is not super complex, but way more so that DnD.

What I am confused abut is how you didn't realize that you could not craft until 10th level. I mean you get crafting recipes almost immediately at 1s or 2nd level....