Aer Elai - Find Bones of the Magister

2 years ago (edited)

I came to Aer Elai, saw the dragon bone cutscene, assumed it was a sneaking part, snuck around and interacted with the dragon bones, then killed everything and went on my way. Problem is, the quest didn't update, and I think that it's because I interacted with the bones BEFORE killing the soracks. I went all the way to the portal and killed the soracks there, quicksaving along the way so all my previous quick and auto saves got overriden.

I have no auto-save before I sneak-interacted with the correct pile of dragon bones, and I can't intereact again with the right pile of dragon bones, so I think I'm soft-locked. Is there any solution for me? Is there some console command to complete the current quest or spawn the dragon bones in my inventory or something?

Edit: after youtubing it, I found that I'm missing literally the last 5 minutes of the game. I'll just watch the cutscene online.