Adventure log, bug with date and time of last day

Level 12
4 months ago (edited)

The adventure log is a wonderful tool, I love this feature and how it's implemented with all the information at hand.

I've seen a small problem though, when selecting entries of the last day, the day number and the time indicated for each dialog are negative. (There's no uploading of screenshot in these forums, and the handling of image URLs is very difficult, so I'll only describe the problem, an in-game report button would be better)

In this instance, it's day 19, back to Caer Cyflen after "Explore the ruined tower". What I observe:

- if I select any days DAY 1..18 in the list on the left, I can scroll through those days and all seems correct. At the top of each dialog or event, I see the correct day # and time. At the bottom of day 18, I see DAY 19, but nothing below, as if it were empty

- I cannot select "DAY 19" on the left (if I select it, I see the empty DAY 19 mentioned above), but I can select a sub-item, like "Marshal Sunblaze" for example. From there I can scroll up to see the earlier dialogs of the day that are not listed on the left under "DAY 19". There is nothing above the first entry of this last day, I cannot scroll up to DAY 18, for example. For each dialog / event, the day number is "DAY -10", and the hour is also negative, like "-08:02". If I scroll down past the day items, I'm back to DAY 1, and I can continue to scroll down (DAY 1, 2, and so on).

- If I select "DAY 1", I can indeed scroll up to see DAY 19.

So it seems the last day is actually considered as DAY -10, with a negative time too, and it's stored before the other days in the log:

        (top) DAY 19, DAY 1, DAY 2, ..., DAY 18 (bottom)


- a filter would be welcome, for the type of entries, and perhaps a name filter as well

- scrolling with the mouse is terribly slow and impractical

Level 12
4 months ago

After reloading the game, and having a dialog with an NPC, I see that the previous sub-items of DAY 19 have disappeared in the list on the left side. If I expand DAY 19, I only see the entry for the last conversation I just had.

The content of the other dialogs & events are still there if I scroll up.

The time of the new dialog is also negative, everything is still before DAY 1.

Level 12
3 months ago

In case the support read this, which I'm not sure anymore...

After a while, the logs get messed out, I have DAY 2 appearing at the end of the list on the left panel.