Addressables Error?

1 year ago

[Error] Addressables.Release was called on an object that Addressables was not previously aware of.  Thus nothing is being released

I received this error during camp at night while traveling. After every one of my characters attacked I got it. The pop up says "A serious error has occurred" I can ignore the errors, continue playing, quit game, or copy to clipboard.

I'm not sure what this means. I hope I got all the information for you. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time!

1 year ago

I got 3 or 4 of these during the "Vision" fight against Soraks. Around round 4 of the fight. They all arrived as as single series with a message counter in the corner. I clicked continue play and ignore and could complete the combat after acknowledging all of them. I could hear the monsters continuing their turns in the background. This happened with the new 0.3.3 build. I never saw it during two playthroughs on the previous EA builds.

Level 9
1 year ago (edited)

I got it when tried to exit to main menu in the middle of the fight in Dark Castle.

1 year ago

It was a night encounter at camp during travel, so after reloading again I realized it happened after my paladin cast bless. I don't know if that makes a difference or not. I haven't gotten the error since that particular night scene though.