Add More Hotkey support and keyboard/mouse options? And inventory sorting options!

1 year ago

So this is just a minor QOL improvement but its something that bugs me. There are a lot of actions where either there is no assigned hotkey or the key is not shown anywhere and it isn't what you would expect. For example, in most tactical RPGs hitting space confirms my current selection while in combat. If I have only one option left (say to end my turn after having used all my other options) it would select that. If I had selected a basic attack, if there was only one target available, hitting space would initiate the attack. If there were multiple, hovering the cursor over my desired target and hitting space would initiate an attack. The same would be true of any potential action. Basically, the game checks for the number of potential desired results from hitting space in that moment. If only one result comes up that result is performed, regardless of what it is.

This basically would speed up both combat and exploration. For example, right now I must select a fire or light spell if I wish to light an unlit torch. But I should just be able to hover over the torch and either click or press space and have my selected character perform the spell to light it as, to the best of my knowledge, there is no other interaction that can be performed with a torch other than to light it. In combat, if there is one enemy remaining, and my party is surrounding him, and I just need to whack him a bunch to finish him and don't want to waste anymore resources, I should just be able to keep hitting space or clicking on him until he falls.

Now this second thing maybe I am somehow missing because it seems like such an obvious and basic thing but I can't find it. Right now as far as I can tell, there is no way to scroll the screen by moving your mouse to the edge of the screen. Maybe there is an option for it that just doesn't explain itself clearly? But moving the screen with WASD is a hassle as is the option of holding down a button and moving the mouse. Virtually every game of this sort, going all the way back to the late 80s gives you an option to scroll the screen using the mouse. Hell I could do that in the Ultima games from the late 80s and early 90s from before Windows was commonplace. I know some people prefer other methods and that is fine, but give me a toggle at least. 

And lastly, the inventory in this game is a mess. I've been loving this game so far, but the inventory stuff is just getting more and more infuriating as the game goes on. I appreciate that there is a sorting option, but surely using tabs like virtually every other game in the industry would make a lot more sense. This isn't like a Resident Evil 4 scenario where the physical space in the inventory is a limitation. It is a weight limit. Along those lines, while I appreciate the option to sort by type, the option to sort by weight, value, and time acquired would be very much appreciated as well. Right now it is a hassle to find what one item out of the dozens I am carrying is dramatically increasing my weight. It also takes far too long to try and manage sales. If I want an item and am missing 150 gold to get it, a sort by value option would allow me to quickly go through and find the items that I could potentially sell to determine if I could make up the difference without having to sell items I want to keep. Also along those lines, and I know other games have done this and I hate it there too, if I put an item from my inventory into the trade window and switch characters it should remain there. That is especially true in this game where, as far as I can tell, individual characters do not receive different prices from merchants nor does each character have their own wealth. Even if they do, just do the busy work for me and assume I moved the items to the character with the best bartering skill or whatever it is. I know this is meant to mimic a pen and paper game, and I love it for that, but the whole point of digitizing that experience is to remove the hassle of managing all of this stuff on paper. So just let me add things from each character's inventory to the sale window and then purchase it. Or if some insane person wants to keep that experience, make it a toggle.

In short, there are so many smart decisions in this game that I love. I truly adore how much freedom of movement players  have with wall walking and even flying. It's been far too long since a game allowed their players that level of freedom. I love being able to fast travel around each map. It makes returning to the same areas multiple times to complete side quests or mop up missing loot a breeze. Similarly, marking chests on the map, and also noting what is inside each one is brilliant. I also love the depth of the character creator and the absurd number of options and toggles in regards to tactics and difficulty. Really 80% of the time I find this to be one of the best traditional computer RPGs ever. But then I hit a wall, largely with the incompetent inventory or the poor camera options that just make this game frustrating. It's so close to being a masterpiece, and with some qol improvements it could really be there. 

Level 14
1 year ago

An ability quick bar and inventory sorting is something we really do need, yes.

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