Add an option to hide numeric enemy hp until you are more familiar with them

5 months ago

Right now, monsters always show their current hp as both a bar and a precise numeric value. I wish the numeric value was hidden until you get to higher-tier familiarity with that monster (even if just the second tier). My reasoning:

  1. It's a better approximation of tabletop D&D - in all the tables I've played, the DM would give a general description of how wounded the monster is - analogous to the bar - but would not reveal the exact hp.
  2. It makes never-before-met monsters more mysterious and, consequentially, scarier. It means taking more cues from monster appearance, which I find cool.
  3. It takes away some of the metagaming of trying to tailor precise damage ranges to precise enemy hp. For example, in my playthroughs, magic missile is the biggest finisher because I frequently use it to finish off low-hp enemies. Admittedly this metagaming is sometimes fun... But maybe reserve it until you get higher familiarity to justify it.

I know there was talk of introducing difficulty settings - this option could be incorporated into those settings if it's deemed too punishing for some players.