add a Re trainer in town

3 weeks ago

can we have a re trainer in town, so we can pay coins  for retrain of character as much and many times we want ?

in case of screw ups or want to re do that characters build - 

i cant see any reason why not to have this . -

so yes please


i can understand not be able to change class , say from fighter to ranger 

though that said .- i can vary well see that be an option to with no reason not be able to ..

3 weeks ago

Ah.  That was one reason I wanted a Replace Character feature.  If I create a character who stinks, I have to start all over.

Retrain would be nice.  +1.


3 weeks ago

agree -  or you spend a point on a feat / spell that dosen work out the way you wanted or just out right dosen work for some reason 

re trainer +1 

Level 10
3 weeks ago

Is this necessary when you can just load a previous save? I think you would know how good a feat is after one encounter. 

3 weeks ago

true ,but some cases you might want to test it out for an hour or 2 first to be sure -

or let say the game somehow pushes you ahead 30 mins . then its a bit annoying 

but regardless of that you can re load a save

just make a random npc in the tavern  - cant be the hardest and worst thing to do ever i would say - hell a flag pole would do the job -

no need to give him anything special or voice,- just a re trainer option  
again , all this is not a MUST HAVE IT NOW OR IN GAME AFTER RELASE  kind of thing - no " at least not in my opinion " 

that said .. i still vary welcome it - plus no reasons not to have it 

Level 10
3 weeks ago

If it’s prohibitively expensive to do so, maybe. But if you could retrain anytime, people will just rebuild characters to specific encounters.

I know it’s a single player game but sometimes too many options cause more problems than solutions.

And would this be just ASI and feats? What about spell choices? Or ranger favored foes? Not to mention probably other class choices. Could those be changed?

As I said, I’m not totally against it and it’s just my opinion. Retaining seems more fitting to a game like a MMO where you can’t really go back and your character is constantly moving forward. 

3 weeks ago (edited)

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