Achievements issues (on GOG version)

Level 1
1 year ago

Love the game, first off.

Not much of forum poster in general but have had issues with some achievements ( I believe just from Primal Calling DLC) and some general weirdness.

Issues - The Druid and Barbarian creation achivements have not popped for me despite creating a number and playing a number of hours with couple versions of each.  I have also finished the Wanderer Background Quest a couple times with "On the Road Again" popping.  I am unware if any hidden achievements are link to that DLC.

Weirdness - All the hidden achievements (including some refering to stuff I had no idea about even after multiple completions) showed up briefly, a few days ago,  during one instance of me looking at that page and then were hidden again the next time I looked. Not a huge deal but I though someone might want to know. 

Any similar issues for others?

Thank you.