Achievements glitched - Windows Store/Gamepass

1 month ago

The majority of the "damage types" achievements are glitched on the Game Pass version of the game.

- Tons of enemies were killed with long/greatsword and axes, but the achievement for slash damage never unlocked.

- Psychic damage unlocked the Piercing damage achievement, 

- Necrotic damage achievement unlocked on a bludgeoning damage.

- Poison damage directly from spells aren't counting.

There were others that i don't remember quite well, but i think this report is enough for you guys take a look at this problem.

2 weeks ago

These must be bugged. I have been traveling back and forth to get random encounters. And only use these damage types, and none are poping.

2 weeks ago (edited)

Just to add to this. I just got the piercing achievement.. but I DID Psychic damage and no piercing at all. Go figure. 

3 days ago

Hi. I just ran across this today. Can’t get the slashing damage one to unlock. Thanks. Anyone know what type does it?