Absolutely great start with the game, keep up the good work and thank you

1 year ago

I just wanted to say thanks eh. I started playing D&D when there was ONLY books to play. I've played video games since their inception and countless D&D ones. There's been some really great ones over the years and this game has that potential as well. I know they're working on the bugs that can be frustrating at times but that's just fine. Things will get better. The actual game is just great. What a thorough enjoy. Just to see the simple things like casting a magic missile spell, to hold person to the physical combat. So much fun. This is what we imagined as kids while playing with the books and our imaginations. So awesome to see it now as a game and have it played out for us on the computer. Can't wait to see the game in it's entirety, hopefully that's real soon. Great job by all involved, thanks for a ton of fun, keep the new stuff coming please! 

Level 8
1 year ago

I totally second this. I got the same profile (D&D + video game player, cRPGs/MMORPG player, etc...), and yes, Solasta is what we dreamt of years ago.

So let's dream again, for Solasta II, I wish:

- local/internet multiplayer (each human player has one or more characters)
- local/internet human dungeon master (who can set up story & encounters)
- community-made free scenarii
- let players buy, for real money, aesthetic stuff, for their characters or their camp + paid professionally-made campaigns
- linux officially supported

Online RPG with friends, finally.
Solasta "engine" definitively allows it.