About 1/2 the time, Wall Sconces wont target

Level 12
10 months ago

1st lvl spell firebolt, should be targetable on wall sconces to light from afar, and often it is. But about 1/2\the time I try and target one, even from an adjacent cell so it is not a matter of range, it wont light up or recognize it as a legit target.

10 months ago

I'm suffering from the same thing in the Bone Keep.  It just doesn't accept it as a legit target.  Indeed any of the interactive components (highlighted with Alt) can be targetted 

10 months ago (edited)

Yeah, in my first game I had no problem targeting wall sconces or the boarded up windows in Ashka's lair. However, now, I can't target a single interactable object, be it a wall sconce with Firebolt or a boarded up window with a bow/crossbow. In fact, I can't even highlight them while I'm in targeting mode.