Ability Manuals

Level 3
2 weeks ago

Hey Solasta team,

Loving the game as usual, just wanted to throw this out there. The ability manuals (+2 ability score/+2 max ability score) from the Antiquarian contact replenish every 24 hours. I think this is a bit too lenient. This allows (for only 4400 gold) an easy way to create godly characters. I guess you could just limit yourself as a player, but it just seems too abusable. I'd say limit them to once per game per manual (from the vendor's stock).

1 week ago

Shouldnt ability manuals work only once per character?

Level 4
1 week ago

Shouldnt ability manuals work only once per character?

That's a reasonable restriction. I don't think it matches RAW, but in tabletop D&D games the DM probably won't give you enough manuals to read multiple. Also RAW it takes a week of study to read the manual, so a limit of 1 manual of each type per character would ~simulate that restriction.

Level 9
1 week ago

both by RAW and AL manuals are not available until after 10th level

yellow flower of courage

Level 3
3 days ago

In D&D 5E (and previous editions) manuals/tomes are items that are extremely hard to find. In addition, these items can be used only once to grant the attribute increase benefit, losing their magic thereafter until 100 years have passed. There should not be multiple copies of these books available, and if so, a character should not be able to use the same kind of book more than once. I hope that restrictions are implemented on how to acquire these items, otherwise the game would become less challenging.

Level 2
1 day ago (edited)

Agree with all the above suggestions that there ought to be restrictions of some kind. In keeping with D&D 5e lore (i.e. that these manuals are very rare wondrous items which loses its magic after use but regains it after a century), I would consider going one step further and remove these manuals from the vendor entirely. Rather, they're given once as a quest reward or found in the overworld in a specific location that's appropriate for the story.

4400 gp per manual is hardly an obstacle because gold comes by very easily in this game (assuming that the drop rates of gold and magic items were not deliberately increased during early access for testing purposes). In my playthrough, by the time I reached the end of early access content I had enough gold to buy so many copies of the manuals to raise my ranger's DEX to 30. Equipped with a +2 shortbow and +1 leather and the Crown, he had +17 to hit and 22 AC, which is way too powerful for a lvl 7 character.