A suggestion for post launch content

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1 year ago

  It would be really interesting to allow players to add their own stories or campaigns with modded maps and such. Even it were all just reused assets I can still see great potential in the modding community. Allowing players to write their own stories and npc's, making the game very replayable and can keep it fresh as well as make the game self-sustaining, meaning you wouldn't have to write any more campaigns post-launch (this is a utopian idea, you would probably still need to write campaigns, but hopefully many less, allowing you to focus on fixing bugs and improving combat) Any input can help refine this idea into something possible.

1 year ago

Hi Marius_Titus,

I absolutely agree with what you are saying, but it is a complex request.

One the one hand, we are a small studio and developing / delivering modding tools is very expensive. On the other hand, our tools have been created with a modular approach, to easily add new classes, features, monsters, etc, or to quickly edit dungeons and campaigns. But it is a significant dev effort to make this accessible to a community in all safety (and managing forward compatibility etc).

I will try to describe our content creation philosophy in later posts.

Thanks for you comment!

1 year ago

When all is said and done are all playable races and classes going to be added into the game? I am so read to play just can't wait to know if there will be classes like the monk or Eldritch Knight?

Thank you in advance, and safe travels home from GENCON

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11 months ago (edited)

Hey there Vilburg (a little late because Gen Con eeeeeyyyyh)

Currently we wouldn't have the time / manpower to implement all races / classes for the first game. Unless Kickstarter blows out of proportion - and even then, we want to be careful not to over-promise, there are tons of KS projects out there who had to push back their release date several years because of that - it would be lying to say that you can expect that from us.

Also keep in mind that we don't have the rights to use the original archetypes like Eldritch Knight! Each class only has one archetype that's open source, the rest belongs to Wizard of the Coast (for Fighter it's Champion)

11 months ago

Will there be different archetype's for the class's that are of your studio's own creation or just the one's that are able to be used from the D&D OGL?

11 months ago (edited)

If sometime later, we could actually create the the dungeons we have played and and created would be simply perfect! To be able to also import and export different adventures from other people would be pretty amazing as well. All we can hope for is that in the coming future, maybe these type of tools and capabilities can be added? We shall see!