A Solasta Facebook page?

4 weeks ago (edited)

Hi !

Maybe it sounds very "marketing/community manager" style, but maybe you should consider having a facebook page for the game only ? I wanted to share infos about the game and I could only link to the studio, which gathers informations on several topics/projects, but maybe it's too soon.

And when you search for Solasta in the FB search bar, Tacticals games arrives in the bottom

3 weeks ago

Hey there Cha!

We've decided against making 2 different Facebook Pages as we're a small team, so it would be very hard to manage both regularly. For all intents and purposes you can think of the Tactical Adventures page like the Solasta page for the foreseeable future^^ 

I take note of the second comment though, we'll try to see how to make it easier for people to find us when searching Solasta.